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Our preschool will follow the Mesa School District Calendar.  Prices for individual months will remain the same and will not change according to the amount of days attending class.  In the rare case a class is cancelled, the price will adjust accordingly.

Classes will begin August 14th with a Meet the Teacher on August 10th.  Some parents choose to have some one on one time with their preschooler while older children are at school, and opt to start their preschooler on the 5th of September.

Each month your child will bring home a calendar along with any information I will need parents to have.  Each day will have a theme and picture.  Your child will be able to have an idea of what activity or art project they may be doing in school. We will have fun using all types of art and objects, imagination, and small motor skills in our creations.
Snacks & Lunches
A snack will be provided each day.   Each child will have the chance to share a snack once a month for the class..  Other snacks will be on hand to supplement or take the place in the case that a snack is forgotten. Somedays I will plan a specific snack to go along with the lesson. I will always try to have your child assigned to bring a snack on or near birthdays.  I will make sure that you are aware of any food allergies that may be in the class.  Water is always available so bringing a drink is optional. I will send a snack bag home the day before so that you are aware of your child's turn and your child's name will be listed on the calendar. 

Lunches will be provided for full day students.  It will be a simple meal as time is short before the afternoon class begins. I will check for food allergies before finalizing a menu. A tentative 2 week rotating menu is below and will have a side dish of a fruit, vegetable, yogurt, chips, tator tots, etc. You are always welcome to send a lunch for your child.

Nachos or Tostada
Macaroni & Cheese
Grilled Cheese
Chicken Nuggets
Quesadilla & Beans
  Ham Sandwich
 Show and Tell
Your child will have opportunities to bring an item or two for show and tell.  I will send a sharing bag home the class before so that you are aware of your child's turn.  It is a nice opportunity for your child to hunt for something of the shape or beginning with the sound we are learning that week.  They can also bring something special to them to share.  The children enjoy having some time in the spotlight.  
During the school year I will post the calendar for the current month.
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