Building Blocks Preschool - Where learning is fun!
Love and Learning for your Little one. 
Do you want your little one to feel loved while learning and playing each day? Well, you have come to the right place. Building Blocks Preschool is in our home and therefore, you child will be treated with the same love my own children get while they are here. 

We are a Preschool based childcare and so we care for ages three and older. 

I love children of all ages, but because I also love teaching and want to give my full attention to some fun learning, I am limiting childcare to children ages 3 and older.  I have cared for children beginning at age 2 1/2, but it is on a trial basis to ensure I can still give attention to the preschool.  An occasional visit from a younger sibling for the day is fine as well, as I do have assistance from others. Summer time all ages are welcome.

Preschool classes and activities will fill 5 of the hours Monday through Thursday. It is playful learning and socialization so as not to overwhelm the young minds and attention spans. This also means, your child is not being watched from a distance. We are playing and learning together using games, science experiments, art, and more. Fridays are play days! 

We are a smoke and pet free home with no pool. There is an amazing park across the street and a swing set and toys in the back yard. 

**There are times that I may need to run a child to practice or activities. I would need permission to have your child with me or permission to leave your child with a teenager at my home while I run. I do have an assistant (my 20 yr old daughter) working with me part time, but prefer to have these permissions just in case.

Weekly, M-F
7 to 9 Hours
Preschool included
Daily Rate
7 to 9 Hours
Preschool included
After School 
Preschool/Bush Elementary/or parent drop

Lunches will be provided for full day students.  It will be a simple meal as time is short before the afternoon class begins. I will check for food allergies before finalizing a menu. A tentative 2 week rotating menu is below and will have a side dish of a fruit, vegetable, yogurt, chips, tator tots, etc. You are always welcome to send a lunch for your child.

Nachos or Tostada
Macaroni & Cheese
Grilled Cheese
Chicken Nuggets
Quesadilla & Beans
  Ham Sandwich
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