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Amy Trent (Teacher)
I am the mother of 14 children and have taught preschool classes for 17 years.  The first 5 years were taught from my home in Mesa so I could stay home with my children and still give them the education opportunities they needed.  My family then moved to Utah where I worked for Centro de la Familia de Utah preschool/daycare facility. My family returned to Arizona in 2009 where I began teaching preschool from home again.  I have also worked in all areas of our children's primary program at church for the last 21 years. 

Emily and Aubrey are my oldest daughters. They have grown up babysitting siblings and neighborhood children. Both are full of fun, love and patience. Their smiles will clear away any child's fears and they will be best friends in no time. They both have fingerprint card clearance and have had CPR training. Aubrey has been working at an elementary school and recently got married. She is no longer here everyday, but we welcome her back whenever she can. Emily has done respite care, working with autistic children, and currently helps each day in the preschool.
Class information
We will be using matching, patterns, comparing, and sorting throughout our crafts, lessons, and activities.  We will count daily to various numbers and work on number recognition through twenty.  We will add or subtract with manipulatives and practice writing skills with letters, numbers, and names.
We will use our 5 senses in many activities, usings cooking, measuring, texture, magnets, building, weight, liquid/solids, and many fun science activities.  We will explore, search and find, read, use music and dance, explore animals, weather, seasons, and more.
Sound recognition will be taught before letter names and your child should be sounding out words before the year is though.  Although we stress a letter a week, we review more than one sound daily.  We use various programs but stress some features and flashcards of ZooPhonics.
We will go on 1 or 2 field trips during the year of which parents are encouraged to attend.  These field trips will be announced with plenty of notice and if any extra fees are needed, you will be notified.  We ask that your child wear their school t-shirt on these days.
Fun Visitors
Many reading choicesSharing is fun
Reading Readiness ActivitiesPatterning, counting, days of the week, and number recognition
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